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Fluorescent Cage MUX

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June 11th, 2003

fallofrain @ 06:08 pm: Layers of hell.
Bound to be longCollapse )

fallofrain @ 12:38 pm: Webpage.
It's been updated. I fixed the Failings page, added in suggestions and put in a few of my own.

If anyone has further recommendations or I missed something, let me know.

fallofrain @ 10:10 am: Failings.
I updated the webpage for Failings.

So you can see what I'm separating them into, catagory wise.

Now, gimme more failings. o_-

kalia @ 09:49 am: University History & Orientation
History + LocaleCollapse )

fallofrain @ 07:52 am: Ze webpage.
It has been updated, my lovelies.

June 10th, 2003

fallofrain @ 04:11 pm: Nephilim and Enhanced Humans.
In here!Collapse )

fallofrain @ 07:58 am: Point allocations.
Since our Chargen is likely going to be working differently than originally. I'm going to assign points to various Races right now.

Essences, LPs: 46
Essences, Starting Characters: 38
Nephilim/Enhanced Humans: 30
Standard Mortals: 22

Does this sound fair to everyone? Or shall I up them all by 8?

Just to note, there are some LPs who will get more than the standard 46, such as Lucifer and Belial. This is to ensure game continuity.

We also need a few more Essence only powers.

Powers, given point costsCollapse )

June 9th, 2003

isaaru @ 09:14 pm: Angel Names and Info Bits Part 2
Here's the second half of the angel names, and bits of info for most. Note that, in either list, the info that is listed with most of them is only a guideline of things each one is associated with. These need not be kept as definites if someone wants to app a name. I think, in some ways, what little IS noted tends to conjure up some interesting character concepts though.

Anyway, on with the show.

Angel Names N through ZCollapse )

kalia @ 12:32 pm: The Sleepers
The SleepersCollapse )

fallofrain @ 09:46 am: Stuff that needs detailing.
1. Havenville
2. The University, complete with back history, when it was founded, types of degrees offered and some NPCs, mainly professors.
3. Sedim/Sistinas (Sedim are all interelated Nephilim, the children of Azrael and make up the bulk of the Sistinas organization's membership.)
4. Nephilim (children of angels/demons and humans)
5. Sleepers (any essence that is 'asleep' and not aware of who they really are)
6. Faithless (those who have sold their souls to a demonic entity.)
7. We need some kind of group for the Celestials, the counterpart to the Sistinas.
8. Watchers (Grigori).


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