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Fluorescent Cage MUX

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makenshi @ 03:42 pm: Code Update!
It's about time everyone knew what was going on so far as code goes, so here's a very belated update. This won't be posted on the MUX's bboards because it's just too long, so this will be a very, very handy reference until I can manage to get my own computer back and subsequently write +help files. On that note, news files will be along at the same time as +help, and I want to apologize to everyone that neither of them are up, as I know both of them are very important to any MUX. But, yeah. They'll be along shortly with any luck at all.


Here are the attributes to set for +finger (note that the last five are optional and will only appear if set):

appage (apparent age)
occupation (e.g., cop, professor, etc.)
position (e.g. Voice of God, Satan, Queen of the Astral Plane... FCs, please don't change these)
profile (IC Notes)
vactor (voice actor)


+desc/list will show you both the descriptions you have saved and commands to add, delete, and change descriptions.


Place 'ooc' before speaking or poses (using : or ;) to make everything OOC. To set up color for your OOC title, use the following attributes:


See 'help ansi codes' for corresponding letters and colors.


This will be mandatory once FC is opened for all characters, so it's easiest to go ahead and do it now. Information can be found by typing '+alt/help' and an example can be found by typing '+alt/help2'. Do NOT start a brand new list for every character you have: If you have any questions, you can ask me or simply wait until all of the +help files are officially up.


This allows players to quickly come together without having to trudge through rooms to get there. Syntax is as follows:


The other player is then given the option to join, summon, or decline.


+who -- shows all connected players
+where -- shows location of all connected players
+staff -- lists all online staff
+stafflist -- lists all staff, online or not
+fclist -- shows lists for the MUX's Legendary Personalities

There are more commands on the way (examples: +ic, +ooc, +selfboot, +watchfor), and they'll be documented along with all of these in +help files. I'll mention again that if anyone sees any glitches in the code, please let me know so that I can get things worked out. Also, if anyone has any suggestions for new code or alterations to existing code, again, please drop me an @mail. Finally, if everyone would, check out the Welcome Room sometime. It's been set up with a tentative room parent, and any feedback would be much appreciated. Don't want you all to have to look at something every day if you don't like it, after all. That said, if there are any questions/comments/etc. about anything, feel free to page me or drop me an @mail (Snare).


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Date:June 15th, 2003 05:58 pm (UTC)
Just a quick suggestion. Could we split Profile into two seperate blurb entry things? One for mortal notes, one for essence notes? Taht way, we can have everyone neatly seperate that which the everyday mortal would know, and that which is more Essence info?
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Date:June 16th, 2003 05:22 pm (UTC)

Of course we can.

Ask and thou shalt receive. Or something like that. Anyone who needs to get their profile information, just 'ex me/profile'. The fields are now as follows:

Mortal Notes: &mnotes

Essence Notes: &enotes

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