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fallofrain @ 08:13 am: More powers and failings.


Holy Light- The ability to radiate holy light. This light can fill darkness, or be used against Infernals, it is especially deadly toward those who are harmed by sunlight. The level one takes in this power denotes its potency. Low levels indicate a weak light while the highest level emits a very strong, bright light. 3/6/9

Heal- This is solely a Celestial power, though alternate versions of it exist among the other Essences. With this power, the Angel can heal the wounds of any other, be they another Essence or a Mortal. This also can negate or lessen curses, poisons, or other detrimental conditions left behind by other Essences. Unlike Celestial Touch, this power is not meant to harm anyone and will cause no damage, no matter who the target of it is. 3/6/9


Unhallow- This radiates a thick, smog like darkness within a circle of about ten feet. It can, if used on a lesser ability to use Holy Light, cancel out an angel's light and choke anyone caught in its poisonous grip. (To cancel out Holy Light, this power must be one higher to be effective. Otherwise, it will dampen the effects of Holy Light but not cancel them out completely.) Essences will feel trapped and drained while in the grip of Unhallow. Mortals will feel as if they are breathing in smoke and can die if not released. 3/6/9

Cold Day in Hell- This is a freezing ability that isn't really cold so much as a spell that binds someone in place. While in the grip of CDiH, the victim will be paralyzed slowly and eventually unable to move. However, unlike 'Hush', the victim's internal organs are also affected, rendering one likely to die in an insidious manner if not freed from this before being completely paralyzed. This is a straight 10 point power.


Elemental Escape- You can shift yourself into the element you are most aligned with and use it as a method of escape. If your element is water, you can change into a puddle of water and race down the nearest drain. If your element is fire, you can turn yourself into a ball of fire to rocket out the nearest window, etc. This is meant to be a way of escape if the Elemental ever feels trapped. Your particals cannot be separated. This is a straight 10 point power.


Precognition- You just know something is about to happen. You might not know what it is, but you have a profound sense of danger or perhaps just feel that something very important is about to happen. You will never know what is about to happen, just that *something* is up. This is a straight 4 point power.

Empathy- You are able to read the emotions of others. This does not give you the power to influence those emotions, but you can never be fooled by a stone face. 3/6/9

Dumb Luck- You just have this strange ability to survive some of the most bizarre circumstances. Dumb luck indicates the character has the most uncanny ability to live through things that should kill him/her. But don't tempt Fate, she is a rather fickle mistress. This is a 2 point power.


Mortal Seeming- Everyone has at least the first level in this at no cost. Taking more than the first does cost, however. What you take in this determines what your job and wealth are like in the world of the mortals. At the first level, you are considered lower middle class and have an average, entry level job or you're a student or you're still 'young' and living at home with your parents or you're on welfare. At mid-range, you are middle to upper class and you have a reasonably good job. At its highest range, you are a wealthy individual and may not even need to work at all, living off an inheritence or off investment money. 0/5/10

Lackies- You have lackies or servants who are not Essences. A chauffeur, a bodyguard, a housemaid. The cost for this is 1 point per lackey, 2 points for any lackeys with a discernable skill (such as combat, firearms, etc.). It is up to each player to give personalities and backgrounds to their lackies.

Fame- You're famous for some reason or another. People recognize you wherever you go, but generally because you're popular and not for any insidious reason. Are you a war hero? Or perhaps a musician or an actor? The level of this taken indicates how reknown you are. Lower levels indicate that you're more of a local celebrity, a higher level indicates you're known throughout the USA and possibly the world. 1/3/6

I'm not very good at coming up with Elemental powers.

Essence Failings:

Forced Awakening- You were forced into your Awakened state and are in a constant battle with your mortal personality for control. You haven't yet come to terms with what you are, even though your Essence Seeming has come out again and your memories are likely jumbled. This is a 3 point failing.

Twisted Awakening- You woke into your true self of your own accord, but you were first discovered by someone of another Essence type and they've colored your perceptions. You may be entirely lost to your original Essence, either believing you are something you're not to having become a thrall to the person who discovered you and helped you wake up. This is a 3 point failing.


Scent of Death- No matter where you go or how much you bathe or put on perfume/cologne, you have at least a faint odor of decay. It's enough to be at least noticable to anyone who has a sense of smell. 1/2


Dark Secret- You have a skeleton in your closet and it's one that would cause you a lot of grief if anyone ever found out about it. Do you owe a favor to an angel and fear your Infernal friends may find out? Are you secretly a thrall to an Infernal and you're actually a Celestial? The level taken in this indicates the severity of the secret. Low levels indicate the secret is troubling, but not enough to keep the character awake at night in a sweat. Higher levels mean the character will do anything to keep the secret from coming out for it may well ruin him/her. 1/3/6

Phobia- A phobia is an irrational fear of something. You fear something, even if everyone else wonders why you're freaking out about it. This can be anything from a fear of spiders to a fear of being out in open spaces, the choice is up to the player. The level taken in this indicates the severity of the phobia. A low level means the character will feel mild sensations of panic, but can usually endure. Higher levels mean the character will go into a panic attack if ever in the presense of the phobia. 1/3/6

Amnesia- You suffer from amnesia, and cannot remember who you used to be. At the lowest level, the character may have flashbacks of who s/he used to be while at the highest level, the character simply knows nothing of his/her past life, whatsoever. 1/3


Disfigured- You have a nasty scar that easily marks you and is recognizable. This is a 3 point failing and cannot be taken in conjunction with any powers involving beauty. The disfigurement is somewhere always visible, unless you cloak yourself from head to toe.

Paraplegic- You cannot use your legs and must be transported around via wheelchair or carried by someone else. This is a 3 point failing.

One Eye- For some reason, you only have one working eye. Either the opposite eye is gone, or just completely blind, you are now hampered with depth perception. This is a 1 point failing.

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