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June 28th, 2003

isaaru @ 06:47 pm: The people of Ugarit had a lot of Baals.
Anyway, nothing too relevant to the game, though there is some interesting info here here which people can draw ideas off of. :)


Trivia Note: The suffix -el on angelic names relates to the god El, of Ugarit. The angel Raphael was believed to be an archtype of a minor god of healing, and a son of El, before he was adapted as an angel. El also bears the definition of "Light" or "Shining", and Rapha refers to "Healer". Therefore, Raphael is "Shining Healer", and therefore is considered the patron of doctors and healers. His element relates to water, and he is said to carry a caduceus.

June 17th, 2003

makenshi @ 08:46 pm: +Help
+Help files are now set up and viewable for all. More commands and files will be along as we go.

June 16th, 2003

makenshi @ 07:32 pm: Code Update. Again.
Just in case people aren't seeing replies to earlier posts, +finger has been altered as per Kalia's (Viola's) request. Profile is now split into two sections, Mortal and Essence Notes. The fields are as follows:

Mortal Notes: &mnotes

Essence Notes: &enotes

Anyone who needs their profile information can just 'ex me/profile' to retrieve it.

June 15th, 2003

fallofrain @ 09:34 pm: Welcome to the Twilight Zone.
Omael says, "But why did everyone log in at the same time...? o.o"
Quinn says, "Magic."
Lance says, "Fate."
Michael says, "Luck."
Lilith says, "it was my will."
Cerise says, "Destiny"
Lance says, "Hivemind."
Omael <.< >.>
Michael says, "E) All of the above."

makenshi @ 03:42 pm: Code Update!
It's about time everyone knew what was going on so far as code goes, so here's a very belated update. This won't be posted on the MUX's bboards because it's just too long, so this will be a very, very handy reference until I can manage to get my own computer back and subsequently write +help files. On that note, news files will be along at the same time as +help, and I want to apologize to everyone that neither of them are up, as I know both of them are very important to any MUX. But, yeah. They'll be along shortly with any luck at all.

So, without further ado.. some commands.Collapse )

There are more commands on the way (examples: +ic, +ooc, +selfboot, +watchfor), and they'll be documented along with all of these in +help files. I'll mention again that if anyone sees any glitches in the code, please let me know so that I can get things worked out. Also, if anyone has any suggestions for new code or alterations to existing code, again, please drop me an @mail. Finally, if everyone would, check out the Welcome Room sometime. It's been set up with a tentative room parent, and any feedback would be much appreciated. Don't want you all to have to look at something every day if you don't like it, after all. That said, if there are any questions/comments/etc. about anything, feel free to page me or drop me an @mail (Snare).

June 14th, 2003

fallofrain @ 04:59 pm: Awake vs. Asleep.
Awakened Essences can take on their Essence Seeming at any time.

It's not recommended that they do this in broad daylight on a busy street, however. (But that's why the Watchers exist.)

Sleeping Essences have no more than residual access to their Awakened state. They cannot assume their Essence Seeming other than perhaps in small bits and peices and only then under great duress.

I will write more about this later, but I am so sleepy today that it isn't even funny.

June 13th, 2003

fallofrain @ 08:13 am: More powers and failings.
PowersCollapse )

I'm not very good at coming up with Elemental powers.

FailingsCollapse )

June 12th, 2003

isaaru @ 08:14 pm: Look here!
Special thanks to Omael's player for stumbling across this website earlier. Everything that I could have spent a whole lot of time fishing through three books for is all here, including sigils!


fallofrain @ 11:21 am: Webpage.
Changed it a bit, nothing more than cosmetic. Added a splash page.

June 11th, 2003

isaaru @ 10:29 pm: Lyrics
Good lyrics which would probably fit a handful of celestials. :)

Vanessa Carlton - Ordinary DayCollapse )

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